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Tuper Tario Tros is a mash-up of two classic arcade games: Super Maariooo Bros. and the famous Tetris. In this funny flash game, you play the little Plumber and your mission is to save the princess. Jump and run with the arrow keys and switch between tetris and plumber mode with spacebar.That’s how Guillaume started creating some Tetris platformer for fun. William came with the idea of mixing Tetris with a well know platformer game: Super Mario Bros. Mario and Tetris must have had a baby to make Tuper Tario Tros lol. Props to the creator of this crossover. Its seems like a normal Mario game but you will find out that its also a Tetris game once you transfer to that world and start dropping blocks so Mario can get to other areas and pass levels. A very weird but unique game, enjoy!
Game Controls: Use "Space Bar" to change worlds. Use "Arrow Keys" to move. "S" Key to jump. Much fun!Join now and have fun!


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