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Downsides to this excursion include the choice of an old-school display. While it may be a nod to the early years of video games, it won't likely make you want to play this one again and again. Sure the levels change shape in the form of the number of level you are on, but that novelty quickly wears thin. Also, there is an inherent quirk to the Flash Player that causes it to pause every now and then, most likely due to what the CPU is doing. During a twitch game such as this is, that pause can break the zen-like feeling of being "in the zone", and the game loses some luster because of it.
Each hit of the ball with the paddle sends the ball careening back upward at a much higher velocity than it started with, though subsequent hits don't increase it again. There are just two speeds: super slow and wicked fast. The ball will return to its slower velocity if you let it hit the bottom, which would be considered a "miss" in more classic versions of the game.Join now and have fun!


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