Mina At The Prom

Play Mina at the Prom

Dress-up Mina for a fancy prom tonight with some super stylish clothes and accessories.Dress Mina up in an incredible prom gown to become the prom queen this year! She's been saving up her money to buy and accessorize the perfect prom night!Mina is ready to attend her first ever Prom! So let's step into her wonderful wardrobe and experience her stylish and very fashionable wardrobe as she is preparing for a magnificent night. Give Mina some marvelous dresses to try-on and decide on the one that best fits her and can be complemented very well with some magical accessories she got from Lisa's Accesories store. The perfect hair add-ons, the right shoes and the yummy cupcake to enjoy at the prom, and Mina is ready now! Be proud of your styling talents as you admire Mina at the prom, receiving her queen of the prom tiara!Join now and have fun!


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