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Mario Combat presents an interesting spin on the traditional Super Mario games. As opposed to simply jumping on and squashing your enemies, Mario can unleash a range of awesome punches, kicks and spins moves instead! The graphics and music are similar to the original Nintendo games and the gameplay is just as exciting (if not more so!).The controls are simple – use the keyboard arrow keys to move left, right and to jump, and use the A key to attack. Pressing the A key in quick succession will perform an awesome punch combo. You can also perform flying attacks and running spin punches! Try out the different combos and make your way through each level. Can you help Mario unleash his true combat skills?Mario always had to jump on turtles to destroy them, but now the story has changed, these new turtles can not be defeated only with a little jump on them, Mario will now have to prove that he is a great fighter , and confront and fight against your opponents with the turtles.Much fun!Join now and have fun!


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