Dash And Catch

Play Dash And Catch

Play dodge-ball with Tom and Jerry and your favorite Warner Bros characters. Choose between Yosemite Sam, Fred Flintstone, Wile E. Coyote, Dick Dastardly, Tom from Tom and Jerry or Elmer Fudd! Three will be in your team and the rest will be against you. Choose carefully...only well assembled team is the winning one!Hit the s key to throw the ball. Use the a key to switch characters. Hit the s key at the right moment to catch the ball.
You certainly know this game from school: dodgeball! One of your favorite Looney Tunes characters has the ball and he will have to hit the other players with it. Throw the ball so that you'll definitely hit someone! Try to eliminate your opponents as quickly as possible, but be careful, they will try to get you as well!Join now and have fun!


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