CG Mario Level Pack

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CG Mario Level Pack is an awesome platform game featuring a plethora of levels created by Super Mario Fans. This game presents a whole new range of challenges and levels for die hard Mario fans and is another superb addition to the collection of Mario games. Work your way through a variety of different levels, all of which feature classic gameplay and enemies.Try out each different map and see what you think of these player-made levels! The graphical engine has also been overhauled so the animations, sounds and movements look superb. With 12 different locations and levels, jump back into the world of Super Mario and test your plumbing skills!Play CG Mario with the special Level Pack, so its basically an all new game because it has all new levels. Pretty fun fan made Mario game with modern 2D graphics. Run and jump fast through levels. Can you beat this expansion? Much fun!Join now and have fun!


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