Baby Sofia's White Kitty

Play Baby Sofia's White Kitty

Baby Sofia is very fond of animals. She loves to spend her time taking care of cute pets by grooming, feeding and petting them. Sophia was going for a walk around her neighborhood when she stumbled upon an adorable white kitten. This little kitten was meowing for help and looked lost, so Sophia did what she does best. She decided to take this scared stray home so that she could show it some affection and find a good home for this precious kitty. Look, baby Sofia found a homeless kitten in her backyard! Sofia took the poor kitten to her house. She named her Cute Kitty and decided to take care of her. Will you help baby Sofia to take care of her new pet? Bath the kitty and heal its wounds, then feed it and build a cozy house for it!Much fun!Join now and have fun!


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