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The birth of a young rock was celebrated by a dance party. But it wasn’t just a dance party, it was the most radical fun time dance party in the history of parties. However, there was one person who didn’t get invited in this party: it was Mr. B. Angry and bitter, Mr. B decided to take revenge by building a supercomputer that would eat everything! Super Adventure Pals: Battle Arena is platform fighting game with a goal of going back home alive.

Super Amigos Aventureros is an action-packed platform and role-playing game that you'll end up falling in love with. In this epic quest you will embark on an adventure in which you will have to defeat monsters and track the evil Mr. B, who has kidnapped Lord Rocky, your adorable pet. Of course you will not be alone in this adventure: your best friend in the world, the Giraffe, will be with you!Much fun! Join now.


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